To bed with a book

I’ve woken up and I’m home alone. My children are away on a mini-holiday with their father. Just being on my own, in my own home, with nothing particular I have to do; this is probably the greatest luxury scenario to the parent of small children.

I’m going to really try not to take everything out of every cupboard and then put it back again, slightly neater; or conduct a full stock take and reorganisation of my children’s toys; or embark on a schedule of 10 loads of washing, peeling off sofa covers and squashing duvets into the machine, all of which I will then have to find a way to dry. These are some of the things I did while my children were away in the October half -term; despite my best intentions and full awareness of the futility of my activities, I couldn’t allow myself to relax and do nothing.

This time, I’ve learned a lesson; there will be lots of tea, maybe some coffee; and cosy time with some of my Christmas presents.




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