Good to go! Or tech helps.

Previous posts to this blog have been typed laboriously on a slow and prone to freezing ipad 2, the screen of which is usually encrusted with boy-protein (a mysterious substance which seems to be the result of periods of furious clash of clanning, and which I would describe as something like snotty humus with added clementine zest…although the purpose of this current post is not to make you feel ill).  I’ve read that Jack Monroe typed her early blog-posts on a phone, but I don’t have her stamina or patience, clearly, and although I am walking around perpetually composing the blog-post of my daily life in my head, there have been no prolific outpourings in actuality: the fact that it would take me around three times as long to publish a post as it should do is actually pretty off-putting; or it serves as a decent excuse when I’m tired at the end of the day.

Last week I was given a laptop, and I could not be more thankful; it’s a revelation, so much so that it’s taking a little while to sink in.  There are no more barriers to me writing.  There is the joy of touch-typing, and fast internet and, since I am keeping the new computer a secret from my children, a clean screen.  It just works, and it’s good, and it makes me feel like this is playing in my head:



No more excuses is a little scary, too, of course, but not so much.  Now it’s just about what to write, and how to write it.


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