Is your half-term half full or half empty?

Right now is the time during half-term when I’m really, really, so, so glad there’s no school for a week.

To be accurate, this moment is on Friday night, a school day, and so arguably it’s not actually half-term yet.  Ask me my feelings in four days time, and I might not be filled with such Pollyanna-esque joy.

This morning my son didn’t want to go to school, and a big part of me didn’t want him to go either.  As we left our front gate, I had a vision of a large back-pack, and an endless fine-sanded golden beach.  Bali, perhaps.  We could go and live there; there’d be no school and we’d just read books and play and re-find our souls.

Or Wales.  When things seem bleak I often consider absconding to Wales.  Here, to be precise.

My son needs a break, and while we may  not be going far afield, here are 5 reasons why half-term rocks – written before the actual experience of half-term can cloud my judgement.

  1. You can sleep in.  Children allowing, of course.   My son has been clinging to his duvet every morning this week.  I have hopes for tomorrow, although it’s possible that both my children will be so super-excited they’ll be eager to greet the dawn.
  2. There’s TIME.  Time to play with lego, dig holes in the garden, watch dvds, bake cakes, read books, play computer games, walk places.  Time.  Endless, endless time.  Bed time, though. That’s a good time.
  3. There’s little schedule to keep to.  You don’t have to rush your children from one thing to another.
  4. You can really get to know your children; listen to them. Allow conversations to unfurl.
  5. Siblings can spend time with each other.  Ah, the sibling relationship – that’s always a joyous one, isn’t it?  Well, obviously, it’s not going to be perfect, but when brothers and sisters do get along it is a lovely feeling.

Obviously, any one of these points can be a double-edged sword, but that is in the nature of family.

Here’s to happy half-terms, and making it to the other-side.

Right now, I’m filled with optimism!


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