Anyone can be an artist (but some artist’s are better than others).

‘Anyone can be an artist,’ says my friend Alexa.

She’s just been asked if she’s a famous artist by one of the pupils at my son’s school, where she is organising art workshops.  The children have designed ‘fence post people’ and are about to transfer their paper design to the actual fence posts which will later adorn and brighten the school playground.

Thanks to Alexa’s planning, the painting sessions in the school hall are a pattern of organisation and calm; which is the perfect environment in which productive creativity can take place.  The resulting fence post people are vibrant, individual and beautiful.

My three year old daughter loves painting; she comes home from pre-school with reams of her masterworks and she was given an easel for her birthday.  Unsurprisingly, I’m inspired to buy her some paints.  The easel is in the lean-to, which is pretty much outside – how stressful can it be?

I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen when I notice that the painting is no longer confined to the easel.  I fatally hesitate to condemn the now frenzied creativity.  For a moment I think, It could be like Charleston Farmhouse, and I let them paint on.


I mean, obviously, that’s pretty much nothing like Charleston Farmhouse, but who am I to suppress my children’s creativity?  And this isn’t a proper room in my house; it doesn’t have a radiator for a start; so it’s ok.

Anyone can be an artist?  Well, perhaps…


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