Flower Power

This is an article I wrote for a local magazine about my friend Felicity, who is a brilliant and busy mummy to her 3 year old daughter.  She keeps her cool juggling being a parent with running her existing business and starting a new one – and I always like people who show us what can be done if we dare to make a start!

If you’re walking through the streets of Rusthall this summer, you may chance upon a house with a stall of pretty, hand-tied, jam-jar posies for sale outside it; and if you do you should know that they have been grown from seed by Felicity Williams, a Rusthall gardener and artist and one half of the local business Flower Sisters, with her sister Sophie.

Asked where the idea for her business came from, Felicity explains, ‘Because I paint and I’m a gardener, people assumed I’d be good at floristry, and I was asked to do a couple of weddings.  I found I really enjoyed it, although I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I had to buy the flowers from Covent Garden Flower Market.  It made me realise I’d actually much rather grow the flowers myself – I’ve been a gardener for 12 years now, and having dug my way round most of Kent, I wanted to grow from seed and choose the flowers I grow myself instead of having the choice made by my clients.’

Felicity, whose favourite flower is the Peony, finds her relatively new business (it was begun in the Autumn of 2014) is a wonderful way to combine her practical gardening side with her creativity as a painter.  ‘It’s definitely a creative outlet, it brings it all together,’ she says.  ‘It’s also more socially interactive than gardening alone is.  I’m lucky too to be working with my sister; she’s a people person, and she has a keen eye for style and presentation when it comes to wrapping and arranging flowers.’

Through her pre-existing gardening business, Felicity was already working with Falconhurst, the historic wedding venue which is also open to the public, and it was from this that she was offered the opportunity to use the empty space in their walled kitchen garden; a perfect place in which to grow flowers.

‘We’re going to specialise in hand-tied bunches of flowers, and buckets of flowers to arrange yourself at home, and we’ll deliver in Rusthall or nearby.’  Felicity says.  ‘We’re really excited that the flowers are going to be ready for sale throughout the summer.’

For more information, you can contact Felicity by email at felicity@flowersisters.co.uk or telephone 07807 069792.

felicity flowers



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