Finding my balance


      My friend Felicity has come for dinner with her daughter, and I’m dividing my attention between the cooking food, laying the table and interviewing Felicity about her cut-flower business, Flower Sisters, for a magazine article I’m writing.  “I need a wee,” my three year old announces, and I whisk her out of her seat and upstairs.  “Is this what they call ‘Having it all’,” quips Felicity, on my return.

It can sometimes feel more like ‘Doing it all’.  It’s both fun and frazzling, this frantic balancing act; dinner, children, work, friendships, toilet training.

I want to write about how we can all find the spaces in our lives as parents to be ourselves, to remember who we were before our children consumed (in the nicest possible way) our lives, and how we can take these things and find our balance and contentment for the present and future.

For myself and my children I am planning joy, fun and happiness. Freedom of mind. Imagination and dreams. Books. Music. Spring Cleaning and de-cluttering. Food, flowers, films.  Charity shopping.  Laughter.



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